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Making it easier to be found online

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Fat Dog SEO

Website & SEO Services

Making it easier to be found online

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Our Digital marketing Services

Website development

Professional responsive website design and development. Built on a supported theme platform to stay current. For every stage from planning, designing and developing websites. Each website created by us is optimised for your SEO campaign.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for organic rankings and traffic to get your website found online. We aim for number 1 one Google or at least the first page of the search results. Getting your website, brand and services easy to find by your target audience.


Creative Copywriting

Get your content noticed on the internet! Quality original optimised content for more traffic. All SEO strategies should include content analysis. Determine the target audience’s suitability and optimise for people & search engines to boost your ranking.

Let’s work together for your online success

How We Work?


Step 1

Consultation to determine your expected goals and see how your current campaign is running.

Step 2

Formulate the best strategy for the short and long terms goals. Set timelines for actions.

Step 3

Methodically complete goals & document the development of your online presence.

Step 4

Charges apply per the hourly rates with no lock in contracts. All your accounts remain your accounts.

Why use Fat Dog SEO?


No long contracts

We provide our services at an hourly rate with no lock-in contract, only charged for tasks completed.

All of our work is charged on the hourly rate and no hidden surcharges, fee’s or costs. No lock-in contracts, so you can use our services to complete any task then just pay the invoice and say goodbye.

Why and how can we do this?

Simply we trust you won’t find a better deal, and we stand behind our philosophy of best practice and integrity at all times. If we can’t do the task we will let you know upfront!


Total transparency in all our work and itemised invoicing with details of all tasks completed.

Fat Dog SEO believes that our business should be transparent in all our operations. This includes the delivery of our work to you, our customer! We hear of horror stories all the time from companies and indeed our own personal experiences. We won’t be telling you to trust us, that the work completed is secret, we welcome our customers to ask us, if they don’t understand our itemised invoicing, with all tasks taken logged along with the time allocation.



We pride ourselves on our honest and ethical practices. All your online credentials remain your assets.

We are aware of unscrupulous companies within our industry that resort to tactics such as withholding online assets such as Google Ads, Analytics, Webmaster, Social media accounts even domains and hosting! We never change your privileges, elevate our level of privileges without your approval or lock you out of any our your online assets. We consider this practice a form of industrial sabotage and do not engage in such activities. We maintain an online asset document and send you a copy regularly which includes a full site description.

We help local business owners with their online visibility