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Tutorial of what, why & how of WordPress

Why, What & how of Wordpress. Get to grips with WordPress today. At the same time selfies started so did WordPress. Back in 2003 when we first got camera phones and witnessed the first instalment of Peter Jackson's adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the...

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Content is King

Content is King! Improve your content to help reach your audience! Let's start at the beginning! Why is content so important for users and SEO!It's simple! How many badly written books or awfully bad film plots actually do well without some kind of saving grace! It's...

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Website speed matters

Website Speed matters. Improve your website speed to help rank organically. Let's start at the beginning! The website load time is important for many reasons. Firstly visitors to your site won't want to wait long before they can get to your great content! It has been...

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