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Let’s start at the beginning!

Why is content so important for users and SEO!

It’s simple! How many badly written books or awfully bad film plots actually do well without some kind of saving grace! It’s the same with website content! Well written and informative content will engage users to stay on your webpages reading and interacting with your content and therefore reduce page bounce. In addition, it may rank higher in organic search engine results. These search engines use unspecified algorithms to interpret the page content and apply to rank based on the content and other SEO factors.

Your Audience

Firstly identify the potential audience i.e. your customers and consider what-what keep them keen to read more and hopefully get a conversion. What is your product and how can you explain either why your product is great or why they should use your services. Many products will be focused on certain key attributes, it may be technology, services and so on, they may be aimed at a particular audience. This audience should be embraced and the content written to the expected level. Google analytics if setup can indicate the demographic that is viewing your site.

Your message or story

This is your pitch to convey your message about your fantastic brand, service or product. A well written precise explanation is essential, so short and sweet. Focusing on your key attributes and why your brand, product or service is the best, or at least better than the competition! This may include ratings from customers or online reviews to build trust. Try to make your content mean something. Avoid elaborating too much and try to keep the subject exciting or at least don’t send them to sleep!

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Once upon a time……

Text content

Writing has been around since 3200 BC and still going strong today. The written language i.e. text is still a huge medium and utilized extensively and often badly. There is a combination of factors that affect great content, some of these factors include the following.

Titles, sections and paragraphs

Like a book, each page or article should have a title, chapter and then broken into sections using paragraphs. Normally the title will be in the form of a heading i.e. heading 1. The chapters would be heading 2 and so on. Sections should be broken into chunk size sections allowing the user to pick sections they want quickly and easily.

Spelling and grammar

This may be considered as obvious but can see on so many websites! Firstly there is not an inbuilt WordPress spell checker and grammar tool. Identify the language of use i.e. for Australian websites, most likely English (Australian) would be the primary focus. There are various ways to check the spelling and grammar, such as use a text editor with this function such as Microsoft Word or Open Office or alternatively use a plugin or add-on such as Grammarly.

Content size

Lots of plugins that help with content analysis recommend at least 500 words per page or article. Anything over 1,500 words should be considered for use over multiple pages and broken down into smaller chunks. As mentioned previously each title, section and paragraph should be limited in the same way. A title or chapter (heading 1 or 2) should be less than 10 to 15 words, a paragraph less than 150 to 300 words. A great plugin to monitor your content is Yoast and includes a word counter.

Ease of reading

Ease of reading can be difficult to with more technological or industries with lots of complex terminologies. However, if the only person that can read your content needs to have three degrees in English then you have probably written it too complex! Keep sentences short and precise. Avoid using lots of large or complex words. There are lots of methods to determine the reading level such as the Flesch system and is considered as one of the oldest and most accurate Readability Formulas. Yoast includes ease of reading score using the Flesch scoring and also provides some recommendations.

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Once upon a time……

in a town called technology!

Video, image and interactive content

Traditionally text has been the medium to inform the mass population. But modern society and the younger generation enjoy been entertained at leisure. Visual digital mediums can also be easily shared through networking such as social media. There is a combination of factors that affect great content, some of these factors include:


An image can say a thousand words, tell a story, inspired or trigger emotions. With social sharing, these images can be an asset to draw people into your site and keep them there. Eye candy on a website can be a serious asset and advantage. Most websites will now draw you in with alluring images of technology, cars, gadgets and so on.


Combine audio, visuals and text yours onto a real winner! Provided that it is delivered with a plot, clarity and professionalism. A company promotional services video, product demonstration or product review can really help attract new visitors, and through positive social media may excel your company to where it wants to be!