Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Our SEO Services


Site Audit

Analyse your website and find areas of improvement in our detailed report.


Technical optimisation to conform to current guidelines and key factors


Keyword Research

Determine your SEO investment goals and competition in the market


Tracking & metrics

Setup and linking of analytics & tracking tools to monitor SEO performance

Online Assets

Setup and maintain key online assets, such as social media networks, maps, business cards etc.


Content audit

Review current content performance and other SEO issues such as keyword cannibalisation



New blogs and page content composed to delight both real (users) and bot readers

Link auditing

Ensuring all your links on site work, correct 301 re-directs and disavow negative backlinks

SEO overview

Search Engine Optimisation

Fat Dog SEO – ethical for long term Gains

By definition Search Engine Optimization or SEO is using practices that are designed to optimise the way your website appears in search engine results pages. To have your amazing business found online you can either pay for online advertising i.e. Google Ads or have organic presence in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). To appear high in the SERPs there has to be some level of Search Engine Optimisation. Everyone wants the top organic position for many reasons, less need for paid online adverts, promotes a trust factor and experience or expertise in that market and obviously out rank your competitors to be found easier by you audience. Google, Yahoo and Bing don’t release there exact formula to how they determine the rankings but they do provide information to assist in helping rank higher. Some factors like a responsive website design, website speed etc can certainly help but there is much more!

As of January 2019, there were 21.74 million Internet users in Australia, constituting 87% of the Australian population, according to Australian Internet and Social Media Statistics – 2019 Usage Data. So it’s understandable if your in a business you need to be found online!

Featured basics – SEO Strategy

Get more of the right website traffic!

Fat Dog SEO – Customised for your business

Our well-rounded knowledge of both technical and targeted marketing can help your company reach a new target audience. The most important two factors are to provide a good experience whilst providing good content. A good experience can be achieved through a well designed, coded and easy to navigate website. The second part i.e. the good content is about providing good quality content primarily focused on your intended audience or users ( i.e.your customers). But it is also to present this information to the search engines via the crawler bots (Google, Yahoo or Bing Bot). These bots crawl websites and using algorithms try to interpret the data and rank it to relevancy along with statistics such as visitors to the site (i.e. site traffic) and other factors that will be discussed later. So it requires a lot more than many SEO companies believe!

Why get a professional

Professional content writer (copywriter)

Fat Dog SEO – Delivering website SEO results

Firstly any website or SEO will tell you that they can provide copywriting services. Some of the less ethical ones will check your competitor’s website for blogs that are relevant to the keyword or phrase they intend to target to boost your organic position in the SERP. Then they will use an online tool or just manually paraphrase the targeted text, this crude way can lead to hilarious mistakes and if used in technical content fails nearly every time!
So how do we do it! Well simple, who knows your business better than you? No one does! We ask you to assist when we cannot write the content to the bullet point or draft something up. After that, we research, hone and finally prepare the structured website content for your approval prior to putting the content in life and for the world to see. What we don’t do! We never keep any of our actions performed a secret, we offer full transparency in all our work (we even itemize it on your invoice!). We can even help you help yourself and do work that you are comfortable in performing on your own, thus reducing SEO and online advertising costs or we can assist more hands-on so you can spend more hands-on doing the things you love and taking care of your other business needs. Keeping relevant content up to date and fresh essential, so although you may have composed your product or service page a year ago, how often do you check that it is performing and current? Want to know more about website content copywriting services?

Get your business found online! Your website is usually the first impression of your business! Make it Count !

Featured basics

Social media interactions

Social media can play an enormous role in assisting, website traffic, leads and sales if used correctly. A good social media advertising campaign can help boost your organic ranking. The days of having a random kitten playing a keyboard for a technology company are truly gone! Relevant content that can be shared and is of interest will build a true organic following and a successful social media advertising campaign.  Companies like Facebook use artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms. These are designed to deliver the user relevant content based on online interactions and activities. This can be used to help deliver and promote your business.