Social media for SEO Rank.

How Social media can boost your online presence and organinc rank.

Social media as a SEO ranking factor!

Does Social media help Search Engine Ranking (SEO)

Google says there is no direct link between social media and organic results in the search engine result pages (SERPS). But indirectly they can be a huge factor and help your business get the edge on the competition.

Most influential social media platforms

Facebook has over 50% of the total sharing market of all social media platforms. So Facebook can be key to your ability to influence an attended audience! With Twitter (around 15 to 20%) and all the other platforms making the rest up. Common sense suggests that if you have not already got a social presence. Then you should look at both Facebook and also Twitter. Google’s attempt i.e. Google+ is no longer! So if you have links on your website it’s time to remove these links or replace them with an alternative.


Ensure that your brand is consistent and conveyed well on all your social platforms. Use a high-quality avatar or logo image to represent your business across all accounts. Include a well-formulated bio description. This should be short and precise to describe what your company offers but with a fun spin to it to engage users. Have a clear link to your website, contact information or mailing list to get traffic and leads.

What social platforms to use for your profile

Knowing and understanding your audience’s preferences and mindset is essential. This can help decide what social profiles should be setup! A travel company could choose Instagram to highlight the amazing holiday destinations. Whilst a business dealing with other businesses would most likely choose Linkedin. But a combination of various social platforms may cast a wider net and thus a wider audience.

What should you be posting on your social platforms?

Visually inspiring and well-written title content helps lead and engage your audience. Your audience is more likely to listen to your message. If they like what they hear they will share or like your post. And it is all about the shares and likes after all!

Videos play a huge part in the social media and viral worlds. If you have great video content and it goes viral then you may hit the jackpot! And enjoy a huge influx of new inquisitive potential clients. Even if your content does not go viral, a video campaign can help your campaign. Video is the number one medium on the internet. Half the world’s population now access YouTube. So that’s is a massive potential market audience to tap into.

Hashtags have become a great method to reach a wider audience. As such have your message go into a pool other related messages, that’s how it helps your #social-media-SEO @FatDogSEO.

Don’t be shy of adding a call to action! Promote users to contact you, visit your website, make that booking. Getting the user to take that first step with doing business with your company.

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How often should you post on social media for business

Depending upon the platform and the news or information this may vary. The information and platform will determine this. could Regular posts to Twitter and Facebook is normal, ranging from a few a day to once every couple of days? Whilst other platforms such as LinkedIn more than one post a day may be excessive. This type of business to business platform one post a week would be reasonable.

Best time to post social media for likes and influence

Knowing your audience and their behavior is a valuable tool. This can be done through looking at reactions, likes and comments after a social media post has gone live. This will show the best days and times to post your content. A general rule, it is best to remember the time zone of your main target audience. And what people in those areas will be doing and what time your check your social media feeds! Posting mid-morning or late afternoon will ensure that your content is not lost among the daily feed! There are many methods of posting social content. Manual posting or scheduled posting using a Social Media Management Tool. Some of the best include HootSuite, Buffer, Social Pilot, and Zoho Social.

Be interactive with your audience online

If you have time to engage with your audience and acknowledge and online feedback this is a great tool. This can help strengthen your customer relations. It also provides valuable feedback. This can help your company, product, service or online advertising campaign even better! Your feedback may engage other users to bring more attention to your content.

What not to do!

Don’t post anything that may negatively affect your online profile. This may include an unprofessional company image. Avoid political statements, sexist, racist or any other defamatory statements. Your image should be in line with your companies good values.


Social media complements your business and can reach a much wider audience. Fat Dog SEO learns your business, your audience and prepares a social media strategy. Contact us today to find out how Fat Dog SEO can manage your social media accounts for SEO and leads