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Our Web Design Services

Responsive Design

We provide responsive web design promoting user engagement to deliver a simple & intuitive experience across all devices.

User Interface

We provide advice and implement the best user interface for your intended audience, across all platforms.


Content management system

We offer full support in establishing or maintaining your preferred CMS. Specializing in the most popular platform which is WordPress.


Concept Design

Website coding & staging allows full working website interaction, evaluation prior to launching live.

Maintenance & Hosting

We offer maintenance of new & existing websites and changes. We also offer advice on hosting.

Website Optimisation

We offer various strategies, consultancy & implementation of best practice & optimisations.


Website Design & Development

Fat Dog SEO – Responsive excellence

Effective website design incorporates many contributing factors, content been the primary driver combined by the user experience or “UX”, at Fat Dog SEO we have a team of digital experts to ensure results. Web design requires technical development to ensure a good UX through a good user interface or “UI” thus producing excellent aesthetic appeal and functionality. Additionally, there is no point in making the best website in the world if no visits to your site! Your site represents your company and as such Fat Dog SEO combines the design aspect with marketing activities such as SEO copy-writing when embarking on a website project.

Fat Dog SEO provides an initial consultation to understand the business objectives, target audience and to identify the site specifications. We pride our designs been built on a good foundation, achieved through using WordPress as a platform and a custom but fully supported theme, with long term support. Allowing fully customizable responsive web designs (RWD) with features such as animations, video backgrounds, responsive click to load a video, lazy load images that will engage and delight visitors on any device it is viewed.

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Why get a professional

Professional Web Developer

Fat Dog SEO – Building trust

Why choose a professional to design or help the development of your website? Many factors contribute to the overall performance and achieving value and the final goal of the website i.e. conversions. A website conversion is when a website is searched for, visited and finally the user interacts to solicit or make a purchase of the item of service offered. Different pages, post, media and interactive elements all play a role in funneling visitors through the website whilst learning more about your business and establishing trust with your business and brand. We recommend that every webpage should have clear contact details and a call to action, all ultimately leading to a genuine lead or conversion into the sale of a product or service.
Experience is critical, and many mistakes can be easily avoided with best practices, common sense and a keen eye for detail. Don’t be fooled into signing up for a monthly cost without specific work actually happening! Don’t be fooled into basing your website on a cheap or non-supported WordPress theme that will be outdated by the time your site goes live. Changes in coding may break your site in the future or not allow easy editing or new features! We only use a premium Website builder as used by thousands of subscribed members with additional support of custom CSS coding if required.

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Website Coding

Fat Dog SEO – Building longevity and speed

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are a list of ranked websites, examples are Bing, Yahoo, Ask and of course the most popular in Australia Google. The organic SERP position that every Australian and USA business that use the web to sell or provide professional services want to rank is number 1 on Google. Although Google keep the exact algorithm a secret so it cannot be misused. In the past websites deliberately used black hat SEO techniques to manipulate ranking. Since then Google have updated the algorithm and now hey do offer guidelines to not get penalized by Google and to appear higher in the search results for the the terms of phrases searched. Here is a brief list of what a website should have to rank higher in the SERP, these are the basic factors for good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google have over 200 ranking factors and change continually the 2019 Google ranking factors can be found here in an article. Some of Google, Yahoo and other search engines factors to rank high organically include:

  • Website Content must be original and well written and avoid keyword stuffing (a very significant SERP factor).
  • A Responsive Website Design (RWD) for all devices and screens is a major Google ranking factor.
  • Technical back end – Page Load speed (website speed) with optimized images, compression, secure connection, minified assets etc.
  • Structured data with meta data that helps search bots understand the content more effectively
  • A good user interface including an easy navigation system using structured menus and links throughout the website
  • Appealing aesthetics that engages users to find out more and stay on your site until they commit send the desired interaction, i.e. buy, contact form etc.

With precise relevant content and a great user experience will lead to more website visits and higher page views for longer periods. This can help reduce the bounce rate, which is an indication that a user navigated to the website, didn’t find what they wanted and left in hurry! Similar to wanting to buy a hamburger, walking into a shoe shop and high tailing it out of there! a reduced bounce rate i.e. the visitor spends more time navigating and interacting on the site, can signal to the Google that the content is value to that person, if more people find it useful then it will increase the likely hood of ranking higher. All attributes are required to provide the end user with the best possible online experience including finding what information, product or service they require.

Keep it simple to find information

Website Navigation

Fat Dog SEO – Pathway to knowledge

Simple and easy navigation of any website is essential. If the user can’t find what they need on your site they will go to another site! A flow chart representing the expected flow is essential, but should also allow for any future expansion. The design of all our websites allow for expansion, this could be a new product range or a new service, but it won’t affect the performance and maintain the design aesthetic.

We also can set up your Google analytics, this helps assist view how users interact with your site. With our A/B testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) we can determine which of two versions of a webpage has more traffic or conversions i.e. leads or sales.

An automatic site map (XML) will be created and updated to allow search engines to efficiently crawl the website. This will be linked with your Google Webmaster tools and also your other Google accounts such as Ads and Analytics. We also provide a comprehensive site scan to pick up any bad links, essential if upgrading an old website that may have existing issues!

Website Menu and Page Structure Planning